Everything you needed to know about Las Vegas

Playlist: Every Song That is Related to Las Vegas

Here is a list of every song that is related to Las Vegas. If it has to do with Las Vegas, Sin City, etc. it’s listed here. We even got a song by the Killers (from Las Vegas BTW) called Sam’s Town which is the name of a casino in Vegas. We found most of them on YouTube, so if you want to hear it click on the link. Add this playlist to your iPod. Enjoy!

Don’t Make Me Come To Vegas–Tori Amos
Waking Up in Vegas–Katy Perry
Viva Las Vegas–Elvis Presley
Leaving Las Vegas–Sheryl Crow
Heaven Or Las Vegas–Cocteau Twins
Queen Of Las Vegas–B52s
Your Love Is Like Las Vegas–The Thrills
Ooh Las Vegas–Gram Parsons
I Love Vegas–Dean Martin
Let’s Go To Vegas–Faith Hill
Sam’s Town–The Killers
Vegas Two Times–Stereophonics
Las Vegas Dealer–Gomez
Las Vegas Nights–Hootie and The Blowfish
A Little Less Conversation–Elvis Presley vs. JXL
Sin City–AC/DC
40 Miles To Vegas–Southern Culture On The Skids
Sin City–Emmy Lou Harris
Pretty Vegas–INXS
Vegas–Sara Bareilles

Did we miss any? Submit the Artist name and song title to unlocklasvegas@gmail.com and we will at it to the list.


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