Everything you needed to know about Las Vegas

Advertising in Las Vegas: Anything Goes

Tao Nightclub: Always A Happy Ending

Penn & Teller Show: Fewer Audience Injuries Than Last Year

Crazy Girls Show @ Riviera Hotel: No "Ifs", "Ands", or ("Butts")

Jubilee Show: Hundreds of Thousands of Rhinestones Covering Practically Nothing

Studio 54 Nightclub: Take It All In

Funny Wall Graphics in the Mens Room in the Hilton

Palms Hotel: One Resort. Too Many Temptations

Truck that drove up and down Las Vegas Blvd with a live female stripper promoting several strip clubs

Bait & Tackle (Adult Film Co.): Offering $500 to "perform" in one their movies

Tao Nightclub: Nice Dumplings

Truck driving up and down Las Vegas Blvd promoting....

Sexxpresso: A coffee shop with girls in bikinis serving the drinks


One response

  1. I love that Jubilee slogan!

    August 22, 2010 at 10:05 pm

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